New Fall TV Expectations

**This post originally appeared on John Amoroso’s Medium page on September 28, 2016**

Each fall, major television networks debut new shows in hopes of finding the new hit sitcom. Last year, Fox ushered in Grandfathered, The Grinder and Lucifer, NBC gave us Chicago Med, Superstore and Blindspot, ABC debuted Muppets and Dr. Ken, and CBS gave us Life in Pieces and Supergirl. Seven of those shows are ready for their second season this year. I am on board with three of those renewals: Supergirl, Chicago Med, and Life in Pieces. I did not watch enough of Lucifer, Superstore or Blindspot to judge them, despite the rave reviews for Blindspot.

But here we are in 2016 and networks want shows to hit season two next year. Here is the list of NEW shows debuting on the big four networks:



The Good Place

This Is Us


The Exorcist

Lethal Weapon

Son of Zorn




American Housewife



Designated Survivor


Great Indoors

Man With A Plan

Pure Genius

Kevin Can Wait


Now there is no time for me to go through each show and explain the plot and then give my take on it. So highlights and eye-poppers (To me) it is.

The Good Place

I watched the first two episodes the night it debuted and I saw potential. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson alone cannot carry the show but I also wrote about The Good Place already and you can check it out here.

Right now, this show is a good-hearted, easygoing show that anyone can watch.


We get history and a time machine in this new NBC show. A criminal manages to get his hands on a time machine to change events in America’s past and it is up to a scientist, a soldier and a history teacher to save America.

Timeless debuts October 3rd and I will watch. I don’t think we need more time machines in movies and television but the concept behind this story intrigues me, and it should intrigue you.

Lethal Weapon

The re-boot of the Mel Gibson/Danny Glover film promised to be action packed (because that is all Fox showed in the previews). I get the move to bring the movie to television, but I was not a fan the opening night.

We had already seen the major points of episode one in all of the previews. Does the show deserve a few weeks to prove itself to me? Yes. Will I give it a few weeks? Probably not.


The San Diego Padres call up the first female pitcher in baseball history in the new drama. The show centers around Ginny Baker who wants to make sure she can impress her teammates but not everyone is happy about a female pitcher on the mound.

Every show won’t live up to expectations in one episode and Pitch needs at least five to develop the story. I will not be too too quick to judge.


ABC adds another goofy show to its lineup with Speechless. Maya DiMeo is your typical protective mother with drawbacks. But together, she and the rest of the family work to help J.J. (Who has unique mobility and communication challenges) find the right person to help give him a voice of his own.

I personally will not watch this show off the bat. ABC has tried goofy family-based comedies recently like Fresh Off The Boat, The Middle, and The Goldbergsand I dislike all three. Something massive will have to happen in order to get me to watch. Sorry ABC.

Designated Survivor

Kiefer Sutherland makes his television return in this drama. Tom Kirkman (Sutherland) ends up becoming the President of the United States after the capital is blown up during the State of the Union address. How will Kirkman keep the country from complete chaos? We will have to wait and see.

In other words, it is a must watch because we all loved 24. Nothing more.

Great Indoors

The former Community star, and former host of The Soup, Joel McHale leads the cast. As a adventure reporter turned desk employee, he has to adapt to the times. I will be one of the people to not give Joel a chance in his new role.

Kevin Can Wait

Kevin James’ new show is just ridiculous. I could not even get through the premiere. Family secrets were kept from Kevin while he was on the police force but upon retirement, he finds out what has been happening and has to try to help keep the family on the up.

I could have chosen to not write about this show but I felt obligated to say stay away. Stay far away and spend your time watching Monday Night Football or Dancing With The Stars.

Shows that will make it to a second season:

  • Timeless. There are so many events in history that can be changed that there is definitely enough material.
  • The Good Place. A light and kind show will have NBC’s backing.
  • Designated Survivor. It is going to be damn good. Kiefer is not Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) but it has the numbers drawing power with the star.
  • Speechless. ABC has a line-up full of ridiculous shows that they continue to keep on air so you would have to think they would give this show another year.

Shows that could get to season two:

  • This Is Us. There is enough of a story to make it a more serious Modern Family and The Voice leads into it, potentially leading to higher, than it probably should be, ratings.
  • Son of Zorn. Fox likes its animation domination power block Sunday nights after football which could get this program to another season.
  • Lethal Weapon. There is a greater than not possibility it gets picked up just because of the transition from movie screen to television. Folks will watch the development and see how closely it resembles the movie.
  • Pitch. Where can the story go after season one? Ginny Baker cannot get promoted but there could be a minor league designated for assignment season and a World Series season.

Toss ups for another season:

  • The Exorcist
  • Conviction
  • Notorious
  • Pure Genius

The Shows that will not see beyond this Fall:

  • Great Indoors. Sorry Joel McHale.
  • Man With A Plan. Sorry Matt LeBlanc.
  • BULL
  • Kevin Can Wait. It is not King of Queens. Stop trying to make Kevin James a thing again.

New television series are always hyped up and we just want to watch the actual show, not the promos. Now look, we won’t watch every show (including me) because not everything appeals to us but, we are not stupid people. We will watch good shows and give chances to stars who have given us gold performances before. Stars alone cannot make a show. There has to be substance and a storyline we all can fall in love with. Remember though, we all have shows we are coming back to watch whether they are in season two or six (like New Girl, my jam) or the legendary Law and Order SVU (which is now in season 18). Competition is tough; let’s see if any of these new shows can break our habits and get us to watch.

Here is to us, those who get to sit on the couch and enjoy all of the television we want.

***This post originally appeared on John Amoroso’s Medium page on September 28, 2016***

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