2017 – The Year of Johnny


Every year, we countdown the same way to what hopefully will be a great year. Most of the time, we think about what we can change about ourselves but we do not always follow through. New Years is the quintessential reflection date that we all use. We go to a party, have some cocktails and spend the evening with our family or friends. We talk about how the past year changed us, for better or worse, and how we can do things differently during the upcoming year.

For me, I do not usually set resolutions nor do I feel the holiday is a time to really instill change. 2016 was in a nutshell, a horrendous year for me. I set way too high aspirations without giving myself attainable steps. I have been, in a word, a bum. I lost the drive to be who I want to be. I was settling and was not pushing myself to get the job I needed just to get by. I screwed up my life because of the poor decisions and lack of enthusiasm.

2017 is the time for change.

For the first time, I am setting goals and making resolutions. Everything revolves around me bettering my future and jump-starting life. For the foreseeable future, I will be working on who I am and what I can offer to the world. I am tired of small project money, I am tired of not working part-time, I am tired not having a full-time job where I can socialize and spend money to make life more memorable.

It is time to kick myself in the ass. I really screwed up (I cannot say that enough).

As we look forward, I have set these goals for myself:

  1. Lose 30 lbs
  2. Get a full-time job
  3. Socialize 2-4 times a week outside of work
  4. Get a credit card
  5. Make enough money for a down payment on a car
  6. Get in a position to move into my own apartment

There it is. These are the major goals I want to attain during 2017. I will do whatever it takes to get to these milestones in life. Outside of here, I am making the list of smaller attainable feats per each of the aforementioned major goals.

For the first time in a while, I am excited for the new calendar year. I know 2017 will be monumental for me. It will be the Year of Johnny.



Here is where you come in. Write out at least 3 goals you would want to reach by the end of 2017. They can be definitive (i.e goals 1 and 2) or indirect (like my 6th goal). Then take time to determine the smaller steps or attainable goals that will lead you to ultimately reaching your goals. Feel free to comment your goals below!




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