Winners and Losers of Dr. Oz’s WWHL Appearance

When ‘Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen’ turns out to be more than what some can handle

Late-night really works when it is live. Andy Cohen has mastered the art of live late night television with his Bravo show Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. At eleven o’clock, you know shit gets real. There is no “pre-interview,” there is no smoozing, and there is definitely not any time for celebrity PR cover-up bullshit. But that was not the case last night.

Andy had Keke Palmer and Dr. Oz as his guests on shotski night. The tequila was light but the topics got to be a tad too much for some to handle. Poop became a hot topic on the show and it included a poll on how many times viewers poop a week and what it means when your literal shit floats or sinks.

Some folks must have been entertained, most probably felt uncomfortable.

Winner: The Pooping American

Fun fact: we all poop. It isn’t awful to hear information you can actually get from your doctor. As discomforting as it was to hear Dr. Oz ask Keke about specifics on her waste, it was education to learn that your poop “should be like a submarine.”

Loser: Keke Palmer’s privacy

Being asked about your personal stool while on live television is too much.

Winner: Chrissy Teigen

Her tweet won the internet during the show:

The answer from Dr. Oz:

Loser: The Pooping American

Who wants to actually listen to that much poop talk?

Winner: Bravo

Bravo and WWHL got clicks two nights ago into yesterday morning for the “funtastic” conversation.

Loser: Puckering your Lips

Yup, Dr. Oz ruined lip puckering while answering a question about putting drugs in your butt — like cocaine. He did it by noting that puckering your lips is exactly what your anus is/does minus the tongue.

Winner: The Word of the Night: ‘Doctor’

Anytime the word ‘doctor’ was said on air you could take a drink if you are 21 or older. The grand total announced by Andy at the end of the episode was 25. Congrats people, you listened to marijuana talk, taking drugs in the butt talk, and most importantly, poop talk; all the while getting drunk and forgetting it in the process.

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