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Four March Potential Hot Takes

Everyone seems to have hot takes these days. Here are four potential “hot takes” for the month of March that could very well happen.

1. NFL: Martellus Bennett signs a deal worth $8+ Million AAV with the Rams

Someone will overpay Marty when NFL free-agency officially begins March 9th. After being a part of the Superbowl 51 comeback, Bennett said that he was going to get paid like a Superbowl winning tight end and I bet he does. The 7th highest paid tight end (Charles Clay, Buffalo) makes $7.6 per year on his contract and to put it in simple terms, Bennett is a better player than Clay. Bennett’s teammate this past year, Rob Gronkowski, is the fifth-highest paid tight end at $9 million per season average. There is a scenario that puts Bennett over Gronks AAV because Julius Thomas (former tight end standout with Peyton in Denver) got $9.2 AAV from the Jaguars. Thomas was just traded to Miami a few weeks ago. Bennett will get his money.

The Rams need a tight end and their new head coach, Sean McVay, had one of the best weapons in the NFL the previous three seasons in Jordan Reed. The former TE coach and offensive coordinator for the Redskins, McVay understands the value of having a receiving threat at the tight end position. The Rams will pull this off because they don’t have their first round pick (5th overall) because of the Goff trade last year.

2. TECH: Snap Inc. will open below projected IPO with a reported drop in MAUs in Q1 of 2017

Snap Inc. (SNAP) will begin trading March 2nd on the NYSE and their initial projected price of $14-$16 a share will be too high. Such range would make Snap valued between $19.5 billion and $22.2 billion, yet the latest private valuation had Snap valued at $17.8 billion.

The latest valuation is the key in all of this. Snap was in a position of being a hyped IPO just like another social network, Twitter. When Twitter went public everyone wanted to get their piece of the company and stocks opened at $41.65 in November of 2013. Three years and three months later, Twitter (TWTR) stands at $16.06 a share. The public has learned its lesson when taking on shares of a public social network.

Despite citing 158 million monthly active users (AMUs) as 2016 ended, Snap still recorded a a net loss of $514.6 million. With Instagram constantly evolving and taking a hit into Snapchats active users with its own version of stories and even live video. With more people getting more comfortable with Instagram’s latest features, the more Snap will hurt. The MAUs of Snap likely decreased in quarter 1 one 2017 due to Instagram’s dominance in innovation and user base.

Figures and basic information were provided in an article by MarketWatch

3. NCCA: A One-Seed Loses in first round of NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

As we enter March, the odds on favorites (according to the AP Top 25 Poll) to garner the four number one seeds are Kansas, UCLA, Gonzaga, and last years’ National Champions, Villanova. North Carolina, Arizona and Oregon could pull their way into a one-seed if they win their conference championship. Kansas and Nova are locks in my eyes for the round of 32. That leaves UCLA, Gonzaga or the currently-outside-the-top-four conference champs as the vulnerable parties.

4. TECH: Amateur Live-Steaming falls out of favor; users get banned

If you are sitting on the couch and not talking about anything you should not be allowed to live-stream nothing. Not everyone is cut out to create content. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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