Hardy Got Mutumbo-ed…Barely

No one should be surprised the fans voted against Greg Hardy

The Screaming Eagles of an indoor football league in Utah pulled a ridiculous move to try and sign former NFL player Greg Hardy. At this point, we all know the garbage that is Greg Hardy and have heard the horrendous stories associated with his behavior. The Screaming Eagles put up on their team app a ten hour vote to the fans. This vote would determine if the team would sign the former Panthers and Cowboys defensive lineman. This is not the first time the Screaming Eagles put crazy votes on their app. The team usually puts up live votes as to what play to run during a game — I know it is not the NFL but it just seems absolutely ridiculous.

The result was a 50–50 tie with virtual percentage points deciding that Hardy would not join the team. Even though it was a close decision, the fans got something right. Someone needed to smack Greg Hardy away from getting another dunk. The primary reason this vote came to be is because ownership, management and the coaches all signed off on the potential deal. Safeguards and layers of an organization are put in place so that people who continually get in trouble are stopped by someone — ANYONE.

When everyone in the organization signed off on the potential deal and agreed to let the fans ultimately decide the fate of the contract is when I knew fans would screw it up. I would’ve thought the fans would troll sports media and vote ‘yes’ on Greg Hardy. BUT GUESS WHO CAME THROUGH WITH THE FINGER WAG? The Screaming Eagles fans, barely, but they still did.

Originally published by John Amoroso at medium.com on March 30, 2017.

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