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breakdown - chainsmokers
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First listen rankings of The Chainsmokers first full album

The highly anticipated release of The Chainsmokers first full album is upon us. If you have not taken the time to listen to what they have released, I have a quick first listen breakdown and early grades to the album.


The One: C+

The start to the album gets a smooth melody that we can all do a little jam to. It isn’t that bad honestly. Not a ton of lyrics, tons of repetition though. But that beat tho…

Break Up Every Night: B+

This song gives me a Matchbox 20/Goo Goo Dolls nostalgia for some reason — don’t ask how or why, it might just be me. A harder EDM/pop beat gives an elevated feel to the song. I am just a fan of this song.

Bloodstream: B-

Common theme here three tracks in — beats and melodies take the cake over everything else. A song about being actions while drunk keeps us relatively relate-able to the song.

Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren): C-

We have a new Emily Warren fan (me), but for this song there is an emo feel that doesn’t quite hit home. The commentary recorded after the song is gold though.

Something Just Like This: B

Coldplay joins The Chainsmokers and the song is solid and catchy — if you are able to get over the fact that it is Coldplay. You can understand why this song is being blasted almost every hour on Top-40 radio stations.

My Type (feat. Emily Warren): A

THIS song is the collaboration with Emily Warren we need. The message within the song is one worth paying attention. “And I won’t even mention the fact you’re never sober…I never know which side I’m gonna get tonight…but you’re just my type, the kind that only calls me late at night.” Probably my favor song on the album.

It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane): D

The song feels too slow, it takes a while to get into it. A big shocker was the beat dropped during the refrain. You wouldn’t expect that from a slower song. Don’t take anything away from Louane, her voice is fantastic. The concept is just off. Kudos though for trying to speed the song up but the EDM drop was too strange.

Paris: C+

If this song wasn’t released as a single, it would be a great first listen. Paris has just wained on me.

Honest: B+

The storytelling in this song is fabulous. We are taken into the world of being on the road as a musician and needing to be completely honest that there are people outside of the girl at 5AM that is on your mind.

Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko): B

The beat can get your head bobbin’ early. The lyrics match really well with the beat and rhythm. There are insecurities when someone says they are there for you; but what happens the next morning? The story works really well.

Young: B

The acoustic guitar makes an early appearance and it is fresh, which makes it a great lead into the chorus. The song: young love is hard. It really is. I mean wrecking cars, getting pushed by a girl’s father and sneaking out to the bar create a dynamic that makes life hard.

Last Day Alive (feat. Florida Georgia Line): C+

FGL is a hot and worthwhile feature. The opening beat is so good. But what the heck man…this song turned into repeating “the last day alive.” The last track of the album was so hyped because we see FGL. The song just was a disappointment for what I thought it would be or what it could be.

Average Grade: B-

This post was originally posted on by John Amoroso on April 14th, 2017

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