Deshaun Watson Should Sit Week 2

Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien has a tough decision to make for the week two match up against the Bengals. In reality though, the decision should be easy. Tom Savage was named the starting quarterback early on this summer after coming in to spell Brock Osweiler last season. Savage appeared to many to have played better football in camp over the Clemson product.

Yet, week one rolled around and none other than the Jacksonville Jaguars came into Houston and rolled ’em 29–7. After completing 7 of 13 passes for 62 yards and being held scoreless in the first half, O’Brien benched his starter for the rookie. Watson showed promise in his debut but also some of what you would expect from a rookie competing 52% of his passes with a touchdown and and interception. Watson looks promising enough to make a week two start over Savage but lets pump the brakes.

Tom Savage has not had the opportunity to hold a starting gig in the NFL. His first real opportunity to be a full season starter is shut down because of a mediocre performance? Andy Dalton played the entire game for the Bengals against the Ravens and he was anemic, throwing four interceptions and being shut out — yet Dalton will keep his job despite everyone giving praise at some point or another to his backup, AJ McCarron. Was Tom Savage’s performance poor? Yes, but think about what Houston has been through in the last few weeks. I am not calling Hurricane Harvey an excuse for not getting 3 points, but it could have contributed to the nerves heading onto the field in week one with emotions running high.

Tom Savage deserves more than a one week chance to hold onto the starting job. Bill O’Brien should come out today or tomorrow and name Savage the starter for week two. This should not be a question we are having to deal with after one half of the first game. Continue to let Deshaun Watson sit for another few weeks. O’Brien would be smart to start Savage because it proves to the locker room that he will stick with his guy through struggling times. Now look, we all know Watson is the future and the future could be in four weeks from now, but let Savage continue to work with this team as it stands. If the team struggles to a 0–4 or 1–3 or 1–4 start, then you can justify a move to the future. Watson has the heart and the ability to turnaround the team this season if they get into a hole. He could be the 1–3 spark plug you need to put the Texans back in contention in the poor AFC South so wait for that. If the Texans are 3–1 or 3–2, Savage will have proven that the first half of week one was a fluke — or maybe the defense carries them, who knows. Let Savage start and prove to the Texans brass whether he is worthy of staying a starting quarterback in the NFL or not.

This post was originally posted on by John Amoroso on September 11th, 2017

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