The Breakdown: Freedom Child

Freedom ChildFirst Listen Rankings of The Script’s Latest Album

The Script released their fifth studio album and we have rankings of the whole album ready to go.

No Man Is an Island: B

The opening track gives us a great set of lyrics that set up a fantastic story/picture. The “Caribbean” beat is funky and neat. Was originally going to give a B- but the story told boosted it up.

Rain: B+

Feels very breakup-y. The Script have to have one of those every album and somehow they get a pop beat mixed in.

Arms Open: A

Are your arms open? Fantastic song. We are all welcoming to this song and others. The statement made here is we always have open arms for someone who needs them.

Rock the World: A

We have a third straight song marked explicit and it is great. A light rock song that is very easy to listen to. Four songs in and I can tell that this album holds up to the previous albums.

Mad Love: B-

Feels similar in delivery to a few before this. Marked this song down one grade because of that. Still a dang good song.

Deliverance: B

Most pop-y thus far. I am 50/50 on it. It is really hard to drop grades on songs by this group — so I won’t.

Divided States of America: C+

This song gets the award for the attempt at touching on how divided our country is. But that is all it was, an attempt. A few F-bombs are great but I cannot let bad words bring the grade up.

Wonders: B-

Catchy beat first and foremost. Chorus hits you and somehow we are still listening as if this album were just starting.

Love Not Lovers: A

Go find yourself love instead of a lover. “No more going under the covers,
No more one bed to another… You go from one to the other like you think your days are numbered but you’ll never find love, you’ll only find lovers.”

Eden: B

The love song basically continues from the previous song. They found a love that can break chains and keep them in Eden. The hook leading to the chorus is nice to get you ready.

Make Up: B+

A ballad with a message to daughters. “ No, you don’t need make up to cover your face, love you’re beautiful now, within and without, be good to yourself, you’re doing [dad] proud.” The Script with a powerful message gives the ‘+’ to the grade.

Written in the Scars: A

All of our scars make us who we are. Period. Heck of a song.

*Awakening will not be graded because it is an introduction*

Freedom Child: A

The album titled track is a fantastic way to close The Script’s fifth studio album out. “don’t let them take your freedom…don’t show them hate, hate will feed them…just show them love…only love can free them and can defeat them.”

Overall Rating: B+

I do not know how or when you’ll listen to this album but you can throw it up and listen start to finish without any effort. Heck, even throw it in the background while you are working or sitting at home or at a chill party. Some very good hits here. Bravo.

This post was originally posted on by John Amoroso on September 20th, 2017

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