The Breakdown: The Hype

Hoodie Allen

Rankings of Hoodie Allen’s NEW Album

Hoodie Allen released another album. I have been on the Hoodie train since his 2012 album All American.

Believe: B-

The hype is real. Anytime Allen Iverson and practice get into the rap early, you know you have something to get ready for. I don’t want to start off too hot on the rankings and save some for later.

Know It All: C+

I enjoyed Believe a tad more than this. Still catchy and has a different contemporary feel.

All for Me (feat. Scott Hoying): A

Pentatonix star Scott Hoying pairs way too well with Hoodie.

Fakin (feat. Wale): A

It is absolutely difficult for me to give back to back songs ‘A’ ratings but everything just comes together with Wale and Hoodie setting the world on fire.

Play the Field: B+

We are all playin’ the field when folks are not committed to us. Sure. Go right on ahead and get ready to set yourself up for the rest of the album. I was pretty close to going ‘A-’ or ‘A’ but I had to hold off.

Sushi: A+

Gotta give it to Hoodie on this one. If you aren’t playing this on repeat, who are you?

Ain’t Ready: B

Very chill beat but just doesn’t live up to some of the other songs I have already reviewed.

All My Friends (feat. State Champs): A

Fantastic. This takes us through those who have stayed friends with Hoodie since he did not have money. It shows a contrast to now having money and people now thinking he is funny and that they want to chill now. Great song.

Mad: B

The first “seductive” sounding beat to the album, but it is a really a breakup reaction song. He was looking for approval from her dad, didn’t get it and then gave everything else up for one last day.

Something Dangerous: A-

Are you in the mood to do something new? We might as well do something that has inherent risk or danger. You could take the instrumental version of this and just sit back and relax honestly, and that is what bumps it up from a ‘B-” to the grade.

Heartbreak (feat. Goody Grace): B

As close to a ballad Hoodie will get to thanks to Goody Grace. Still such a smooth delivery from Allen and it shows when he tries to take on a slower song.

Runnin’ Circles: B

We are running circles because we are back to the beginning or “square one” and the story has come full circle for The Hype.

Overall Grade: B+

Hoodie Allen killed it once again. I became a huge fan of his while in college and I will continue to follow and support this guy. He does not sound like your typical rapper and I enjoy it. The only downside is that I have to wait for his next album.

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