2018 NFL Mock Draft

2018 nfl mock draft

My 2018 NFL Mock Draft is all for fun. Just as a note because it seems like people start going nuts for mock drafts, I am not a scout nor am I a president of football operations.  That should not have to be said but the climate makes it happen.

Take a walk down the first round selections with me:

  1. Cleveland Browns: Sam Darnold, QB, USC

    Sam is the optimal quarterback for the Browns to take this year. Out of the top 5 quarterbacks, Sam would be the one who wants to put on his hard hat and go to work in the AFC North. The other choice would be Josh Allen who fits more of what GM John Dorsey has previously picked in the draft – most recently, Pat Mahomes last year with the Chiefs. Sam is a more accurate thrower of the football even though Allen has the bigger arm. Give me athleticism and accuracy with some zing over athleticism and 100 mph fastballs with periods of lack of control.

  2. New York Giants: Saquan Barkley, RB, Penn State

    The Giants jump on Darnold if Cleveland goes with Josh Allen, but with Sam off the board, the Giants have three players to decide between (Barkely, Nelson, and Chubb). I think the Giants and GM Dave Gettleman would love to take Nelson but 2nd overall feels high for a guard and Chubb would start to reshape this defensive line with JPP traded. The Giants have Wayne Gallman, Jonathan Stewart, and Paul Perkins on the running back depth chart already but non of them would we call home run hitters, which Barkley is.

  3. New York Jets (via Colts): Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma

    The Jets make a very ‘Jet pick’ by taking an undersized quarterback. At this point, skipping out on Allen or Rosen is ridiculous because both have higher ceilings than Baker. But let me tell you why they won’t take those two, leaving them with Mayfield. For Allen, you have to probably sit him a year ideally and will have to live with his accuracy issues. For Rosen, he really needs to be challenged by an offensive mind. Therefore, Rosen should be matched with a young smart head coach/coordinator and he will be just fine; I do not think that is with the Jets.

  4. Cleveland Browns (via Texans): Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State

    Chubb falls right into Cleveland’s lap. The Browns get the best quarterback and the best edge rusher in this draft. With Chubb and last year’s number one pick, Garrett, Cleveland has the makings of a solid unit that can start to really develop a whole defense. Pressure helps an average to below average secondary look better. Way to go Cleveland! Maybe in the 2nd round they get a falling Guice or Michel, or take a solid running back.

  5. Denver Broncos: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

    The Broncos would love to pair Bradley Chubb with Von Miller but with Rosen still available on the board at 5, there is no way Denver can let him go. Start Case Keenum for a year, then slide Rosen right in and let him take advantage of having John Elway and Gary Kubiak in the building. I also could easily switch the Giants pick and this pick and still feel happy about it.

  6. Buffalo Bills (via Colts thru Jets): Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

    Proposed Trade: Colts trade 6th overall to Bills for 12th overall, 22nd overall, 121st overall (4th round selection)

    The Bills get their strong-armed quarterback to face the difficult northern New York winters. Allen fits with Buffalo and will have time to potentially sit for half a year to a year behind A.J. McCarron, whom the Bills signed to a 1-year free agent deal. Give Allen time and the Bills can be rewarded handsomely.

  7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Derwin James, S, Florida State

    Derwin has surpassed Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick in many minds as the number one safety this year. James is a physical player who has coverage skills.

  8. Chicago Bears: Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame

    The most solid player in the 2018 draft. Basically no bust potential according to many and the Bears need to provide all the help they can to help, now second year quarterback, Mitchell Trubisky and open holes for Jordan Howard.

  9. San Francisco 49ers: Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State

    The 49ers would be hot contenders to trade back but the value of Ward helping this secondary outweighs the potential edge rusher they can get by moving back. Edmunds would be my other choice here but the success of Marshon Lattimore last year edges Ward out this year.

  10. Oakland Raiders: Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia

    With Jon Gruden back on the sidelines, the Raiders will travel back in time with their coach to his Tampa Bay years. Smith feels like a Derrick Brooks type of linebacker and Gruden will not be able to pass him up. If he has the career of Brooks, well the Vegas Raiders will have two budding stars on their defense.

  11. Miami Dolphins: Minkah Fitzpatrick, S, Alabama

    The Dolphins need an interior offensive lineman but 11 feels early to reach for an Isiah Winn of Georgia or Will Hernandez of UTEP. This spot would be ideal for a team to move up and take Lamar Jackson but if Miami holds, the best player available is Fitzpatrick who can patrol the secondary and play some slot corner.

  12. Indianapolis Colts (via Bill thru Bengals): Tremaine Edmunds, LB, Virginia Tech

    Proposed Trade: Colts trade 6th overall to Bills for 12th overall, 22nd overall, 121st overall (4th round selection)

    Edmunds fills a hole in the middle of the Indy defense. He will be the uber-athletic, quick quarterback of this defense for years to come. Would Indy trade back again if the Lamar Jackson Possibility pops up here? – Yes they would.

  13. Washington Redskins: Vita Vea, DT, Washington

    Vea is the best interior defensive lineman in the draft and at 350 lbs, he is quick off the line and has above average technique. Fits the ideal measurables for a nose tackle but I would love him and last year’s first round pick, Jonathan Allen, as the two DTs in a 43 defense. My other option for the Redskins would be to be THE team that trades back for someone to get Lamar Jackson. Take 23 and 31 from the Pats, select Payne and someone else (maybe a RB) and call it a day.

  14. Green Bay Packers: Marcus Davenport, DE, Texas-San Antonio

    Start adding youth to the OLB core and grab the future replacement of Clay Matthews in Davenport. He could be a risk but the boom potential of him playing the edge is great enough that Green Bay can’t pass it up at this point.

  15. Arizona Cardinals: Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama

    Ridley is the future for the Cardinals and will be better for have being taken by the Cards because of Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is the best receiver mentor in the game and this position for Ridley will provide him the biggest opportunity for growth as a football player.

  16. Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville

    The Ravens get the player they have wanted all spring long in Jackson. I believe the Ravens have already set up the transition plan from Flacco to Jackson and it will happen sooner than later because Jackson is better than the current “elite” quarterback.

  17. Los Angeles Chargers: Da’ron Payne, DT, Alabama

    Payne will immediately provide a pass rushing presence for the Chargers because he will almost always be one-on-one. With Bosa and Ingram outside, they will command double teams, allowing Payne free reign inside.

  18. Seattle Seahawks: James Daniels, C, Iowa

    Daniels is a solid interior lineman who will start at guard and kick in at center if Justin Britt gets injured or if the Seahawks move on from him after the 2018 season. The horrendous o-line of Seattle gets some help and can start making its way to being an average to slightly above average offensive line.

  19. Dallas Cowboys: Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU

    Everything seems to be leaning in Sutton’s favor for Dallas at 19. He will be a physical presence for the Cowboys and immediately fill the Dez Bryant role without all the drama.

  20. Detroit Lions: Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

    Detroit needs help at corner and Hughes would occupy an outside corner spot week one. He also is a heck of a return man so the Lions get help on special teams as well. IF the lions did not sign LeGarrette Blount, this would create the option for a running back like Guice or Michel but you cannot go wrong with a corner if you’re the Lions.

  21. Cincinnati Bengals (via Bills): Will Hernandez, G, UTEP

    Cincy needs interior help after acquiring Cordy Glenn from Buffalo in the trade that moved them back from 12 to 21. Will Hernandez is the top guy here and his toughness and his style of play reflect that if the division and the Bengals. He is a natural fit in trying to help Joe Mixon get through holes against the Steelers and Ravens.

  22. Indianapolis Colts (via Bills thru Chiefs): Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa

    Proposed Trade: Colts trade 6th overall to Bills for 12th overall, 22nd overall, 121st overall (4th round selection)

    The Colts get a long corner to help this secondary and he will slide right into an outside corner position. Similar skill set as Richard Sherman. Colts go defense with both picks to prove that this team really needs a burst of energy. If Will Hernandez were available, he would probably edge out Jackson but because you need to protect Andrew Luck from interior pressure.

  23. New England Patriots (via Rams): Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame

    Nate Soldier departed in free agency for the Giants so the Patriots need to start working to find a replacement. McGlinchey is very solid and has a better floor potential than Brown or Williams. Patriots want consistency and McGlinchey can give it to them.

  24. Carolina Panthers: Hayden Hurst, TE, South Carolina

    The ideal Greg Olson replacement is Hurst, who is a solid route runner and can “box-out” anyone. The pick also allows for immediate versatility in playing 12 personnel where Olson and Hurst will have mismatches.

  25. Tennessee Titans: Harold Landry, LB, Boston College

    The Titans get another edge rusher who immediately becomes their go to 3rd down pressure guy. Fits the New England style of defense new Head Coach Mike Vrabel is bringing to Tennessee.

  26. Atlanta Falcons: Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan

    The Falcons could be ready for the risk on Hurst whose stock is dropping after being diagnosed with a heart condition at the combine. If he can play, he can be as good as Vita Vea or Da’ron Payne. If he cannot play, it would be the same as the Malik McDowell conversation we are having now – so much potential but cannot get cleared to play.

  27. New Orleans Saints: Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State

    There is an obvious hole in the Saints offense and that is at tight end. Goedert will thrive with Brees, having Thomas outside and great pass catchers out of the backfield.

  28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama

    Evans is a tough and active inside backer that helps this team immediately. With Shazier out until potentially 2020, if he plays again, the Steelers need a rock solid guy patrolling the middle of the defense. His pass rushing ability can also get him to an outside backer spot on third down, if necessary.

  29. Jacksonville Jaguars: DJ Moore, WR, Maryland

    Moore would be the best receiver on the roster. A playmaker on the outside can start the recovery process of losing both Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson.

  30. Minnesota Vikings: Isiah Winn, G, Georgia

    Winn immediately helps the Vikings upfront. The help is really needed in order to provide new quarterback, Kirk Cousins, all the time he needs to throw.

  31. New England Patriots: Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State

    Vander Esch smells like New England and will be the ideal guy for this defense that needs to really rebuild their line-backing core.

  32. Philadelphia Eagles: Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA

    Jason Peters won’t be around forever and Miller is the best tackle available at this point. He can develop/play right tackle for a year or two before being kicked to the left side where he could anchor this line for years.


Bonus: With these picks in the books, the second round becomes loaded with talent and trades could be abundant at the top. The Browns have picks 33 and 35 and the Colts have 36 and 37 (the Giants have 34). If both these teams hold their picks, they will both end up with a running back (Guice or Michel – as long as the Giants took Barkley), someone will get Jaire Alexander, Sam Hubbard, or Christian Kirk. The talent here at the top of the second could net the Browns or Colts even more picks but by holding onto them, they get more first round guys because of the work they have previously done and they stay on track to getting back to being competitive teams.

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