Jay Gruden Should Be Frustrated

Cue the denials and cue the fat lady because the Washington Redskins have a near zero chance to succeed during the 2019 NFL Season. With the report coming this morning from Eric Bickel of The Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in Washington D.C., the Redskins have not involved their coach in their decisions.


According to this report, team owner Dan Snyder and President of Football Operations, Bruce Allen, among others have not consulted Head Coach Jay Gruden about any of the teams’ offseason moves thus far. For those still wondering, yes, this does include the big splash signing of safety Landon Collins to a whopping 6-year, $84 mil deal – still a solid move nonetheless. But how can an organization so flawed in its past continue to be this flawed.

The money is not the issue as per the Haynesworth deal or the coaching mishap of Jim Zorn being named Offensive Coordinator and then Head Coach days later. This is not being fined by the NFL for purposefully front loading contracts during an uncapped year.

This is a schism beyond repair.

If the head coach of a football team is supposed to be bringing in “his guys” to make the team better, why is he not involved? The head coach has to manage and deal with all the players on the roster everyday, so why keep him in the dark?


The organization has seemingly made up its mind to fire the head coach during the offseason just as they did before a certain high profile coach was hired back in 2010. This time, there is no high profile guy waiting in the wings to save the team. If this organization keeps burning bridges and continues to operate like Petoria, the team will fail to have any success.

Gruden should be, and probably is, frustrated beyond belief. His contact is guaranteed for the 2019 season so his pockets will not suffer but he must be rolling his eyes with each passing day that he sees the leadership point the team in a new direction whenever the wind shifts.


The denials start here from everyone in the organization but we will definitely not hear from the two big headaches at the top in Snyder and Allen. Those who may comment and deny would likely be Jay Gruden himself but also Doug Williams who has become the public face covering for the dysfunction of others.

Whatever may come of this, there is really one thing for certain – this team cannot compete at a high level in 2019 if we are continuously following news of dysfunction and empty mindedness.

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