Jae Crowder — The Best Part of the Irving Trade

After Opening Night, Jae Crowder showed glimpses as to why he could be the best piece the Cavs received in the Kyrie Irving trade The opening game lived up to expectations by having the game decided in the final minute. We all know by now and have seen the Gordon Hayward gruesome injury. Prayers up toContinue reading “Jae Crowder — The Best Part of the Irving Trade”

Why Brooms Will Not Be Necessary

Everyone continues to believe the Warriors will blow out the Cavaliers, they won’t The long awaited three-peat of the Cavs-Warriors saga is finally here. The stars will align again Thursday for game one of the NBA Finals. We have had a week without basketball come Thursday, but we have already seen many popular faces start givingContinue reading “Why Brooms Will Not Be Necessary”

One Week Later — The NBA All-Star Game Gave us a Sign & We Need to Listen

Analytics and 3’s are taking over and basketball as we knew it could be over The stars gathered and ratings still stunk. The NBA All-Star Game gave us nothing new this year aside from New Orleans Pelicans star, Anthony Davis, scoring a record 52 points. I am shocked that the record previously was 42 by Wilt.Continue reading “One Week Later — The NBA All-Star Game Gave us a Sign & We Need to Listen”

Sit Your Stars with June in Mind

The Cleveland Cavaliers got thrown into the spotlight yet again, but not for their play or their record this time. Head Coach Tyronn Lue makes a multitude of important decisions every day pertaining to keeping the Cavs as a top team in the NBA. His decision last week rocked the sports world. He announced thatContinue reading “Sit Your Stars with June in Mind”