What’s Likely for the 2018-19 WizKids?

The 2018-2019 Washington Wizards could be marred by their off-season of not rebooting the franchise and signing Dwight Howard, or who knows – maybe everything works out Another season, another enthusiastic start of basketball season but a monotonous feeling is all too familiar. The Washington Wizards start their season Thursday against Miami and we areContinue reading “What’s Likely for the 2018-19 WizKids?”

Immediate Takeaways for the Washington Nationals

After another fantastic campaign ending in sorrow, the Nats should change thingsĀ up The end of the season does not just mean another year short of the World Series is over, it is also another tick of the clock on the amount of time left for Bryce Harper in a Nationals jersey. Without a question, nextContinue reading “Immediate Takeaways for the Washington Nationals”