John Amoroso.

About Me

I currently work for Montgomery College’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education in Maryland. I manage specific program area courses in project management and motorcycle safety.

I enjoy building strong relationships and engaging with others with my background in college radio and restaurants.

I believe three keys to work include: effort, communication, and relationships. These keys allow me to lead from where I am and build trust. I believe that showing leadership qualities at different job levels point to future success.

Outside of work, my interests include watching my local D.C. sports teams, binging television shows, and now, planning a wedding.

WDCE Program Promotional Videos

Quick topic presentations for Information Technology and Early Childhood Education created for potential contract courses in Dubai.

CMS Update – Design and Content

Montgomery College transitioned to a new CMS so I worked with the web master to design program area pages and create content.

You can review a collection of work I have completed

John Amoroso TLDR

I take ownership of projects I am a part of and I embrace implementing new ideas. New challenges excite me and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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