The following is a sample of work I have completed as a part of my work experience.

WDCE Program Promotional Videos

Montgomery College WDCE presented courses to potential students in Dubai. Through introductory and promotional videos, platform of course delivery and scheduling, we were able to bring courses virtually to new students. 

These promotional videos were created using Adobe Premiere Pro.

COMP-TIA Security+ Video

Early Childhood Education Video


Montgomery College transitioned to a new Content Management System (CMS), OUCampus OmniUpdate.

The main goal during the update and redesign period was to create a message easy to understand and provide all necessary information concisely for all students – new and returning.

Social Media Creation for WDCE Program Area

Montgomery College WDCE’s Management & Leadership program got into the social space with standalone Twitter and Instagram accounts. I created and managed the social channels and was responsible for content as well.

Ad Campaign Manager and Event Coordinator

The H.O.P.E. organization is a homeless shelter providing members of the Salisbury, Maryland materials and supplies to combat challenges facing the homeless.

My group and I created an advertising campaign for a local homeless shelter centered on creating awareness.

We had one major purpose in assisting H.O.P.E. – to streamlining local donations and influencing social media usage to increase exposure.

We put on a College campus event ‘Pie Your Professor’ and we donated all proceeds to the organization.

Event Chair: WXSU

WXSU Student-Run Radio in Salisbury, Maryland put on radio events each term during the school year.

I was responsible for consolidating planned material including site layout and coordinating food orders.

Other duties included budgeting and allocating $4,500, creating a job matrix/project management plan for station management team and managing materials which included securing raffle prizes as well as creating scripts and diagrams for the night of the event.

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