iOS 10 —Was The Four Hour Wait Worth It?

**This post originally appeared on John Amoroso’s Medium page on September 21, 2016**

Apple ceremoniously during their Fall event unveiled the new Apple Watch and of course the new iPhone 7. But what I was most excited about was the announcement of the release date of iOS 10. At WWDC, Apple gave us the sneak peak of the new operating system and it felt cool and cheesy at the same time. The iMessage stickers are a not that cool and the ‘liking’ and reacting to messages is not great. This is not Facebook. During the reveal though, the integration of apps into iMessage, the expanded use of Siri and the ‘slamming’ of messages made me really excited.

Now comes the September 13th release of iOS 10 and at one o’clock eastern, I jumped at the first moment to download it. This is where my four hour wait time began…

Each software update is always three clicks away. The phone is three clicks away from improving your device but the phone is also three clicks away from potential destruction.

As iPhone users across the world began to celebrate and use iOS 10, there I was waiting “about 24 minutes” for my chance to join the party. The ‘about’ wait time is a part of each software update and we try to go about our day as we anxiously await the update to be finished. It feels as though we cannot be without our phones for such a wait. It is the pressure of the ‘time remaining’ that gets us wound up tight. Usually, this is where our experience begins. We become explorers and we think we are complete experts, but not me.

My phone gave me the beautiful image of the iTunes logo with a lightening cable. I knew I needed my computer and that a roller coaster ride was about to begin.

As a habitual Apple Music user, I do not need to connect and sync my phone (just like the majority of people) constantly. It is vastly different from the days when I used to have to connect my iPod nano to iTunes to get new music to listen to. Just take a second to let that sink in. Remember that? Yeah, it was not a fun day at school when other people had new music themselves and you forgot to sync new music. But back to Tuesday.

I understand that my computer is slowing falling into oblivion and will soon be too slow for me to deal with but it works. I preface with that because I knew I would have to find something to do while the long wait started. The update had to download to my computer before I could update the phone. This single download took twice the amount of time as the 24 ‘about’ remaining time over-the-air download (the great distraction that is Impractical Jokers kept me away from constantly checking the status). Seemingly, watching television helped time fly by which is no surprise to all of the Netflix bingers. But the next step in the whole update process would alter my afternoon.

One word that scares me to death when I have my phone connected to my computer: extracting. Now almost an hour and half into the process, iTunes was ‘extracting software’ from my phone. The feeling of nothingness on your phone had me asking ‘did I back everything up,’ or ‘what notes or pictures would I be losing?’ At this point though, I had to channel my inner Sam Hinkie (former Philadelphia 76ers General Manager) and repeat his mantra; trust the process.

After another hour and a half, I knew I was in for it. I got the daunted “[my] phone cannot be updated and must be reset to factory settings.” There were expletives flying. ‘Why this time? Why does iOS 10 hate me?’ This is the first time I have ever been confronted with such a crippling message. It was felt as though I messed something up. It had to be me, so I reconnected and tried again. This time, the wait was just over thirty minutes and around 4:30pm eastern, “[my] phone cannot be updated and must be reset to factory settings.” SON OF A…

I knew I had to reset my phone. Was it upsetting? Yes. Was it embarrassing? Kind of. But guess what I did not do? Reset my phone. I wanted to rely on the good ol’ third times a charm to fix it. This time though, I sat at my computer and did not wander off to do whatever I wanted. I had to watch the demise of my iPhone myself.

The cliche, the third times the charm and the mantra trust the process worked!

I was beside myself. The joy of success ran through my body. A couple of positive expletives later and I was on my way to join the party.

iOS 10 is in one word, amazing. The redesigned notifications look smooth and interactions are responsive. Look, I won’t go way into everything because there are better tech reviewers out there, but here are a few things I enjoyed.

Maps getting the ability to have interactions like Open Table and Lyft and Uber in the app is fantastic. It makes things so easy and seamless. Don’t even get me started on Messages. The slams and screen animations are great for making points and expressing the message. I thought I would not be too fond of the use of apps within messages but I was wrong. Sending dinner reservations with Open Table, a song from Apple Music, movie tickets, or money with Venmo are all way easier and I love it.

Think about how easy Apple has made interactions by taking away extra steps. We may think that the eliminated steps were not difficult and probably did not need to be taken away but, we always love simpler.

One new Apple app I cannot wait to use is Home. I want to hook up my future apartment to it and really put it to use. Home makes me want to get a solo apartment more and more every day.

Look, as Apple evolves our experience we may not be accepting as early adopters. Most people like to wait and see before they switch over. iOS 10 though is worth getting on board with a week after its release, even if you have to wait four hours.

***This post originally appeared on John Amoroso’s Medium page on September 21, 2016***

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