Growing up, brisk spring and summer afternoons were filled with backing down the defender, giving the shoulder shimmy with a turn-around jump shot, “5…4…3…2..KOBE…1… buzzzz…it’s good!” “KOBE” dominated my obsession of driveway buzzer beaters. It did not matter if I was on the left elbow, right baseline or twenty-five feet away, I always imagined myselfContinue reading “Kobe”

Connelly Rejected The Wizards, Now What?

With Tim Connelly rejecting the offer to run the Wizards, someone has to take on the sinking ship “Loyalty and Patience” is a driving factor behind Tim Connelly’s subtile rejection of the Washington Wizards offer to run the franchise to stay an executive with the Denver Nuggets. Connelly, a DMV native, was a sure lockContinue reading “Connelly Rejected The Wizards, Now What?”

What’s Likely for the 2018-19 WizKids?

The 2018-2019 Washington Wizards could be marred by their off-season of not rebooting the franchise and signing Dwight Howard, or who knows – maybe everything works out Another season, another enthusiastic start of basketball season but a monotonous feeling is all too familiar. The Washington Wizards start their season Thursday against Miami and we areContinue reading “What’s Likely for the 2018-19 WizKids?”

The Wizards Are…Better?

NBA Free Agency kicked off July 1st and by the time we all got to work on Monday, the big dominoes already fell. The King, Lebron James, signed a four year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers and Paul George signed a 4 year deal to stay in Oklahoma City with the Thunder. But beforeContinue reading “The Wizards Are…Better?”

Philly Crushin’ Already

After one game, can “The Process” continue to live up to the hype? The Sixers opened their season last night in Washington but fans of the processfilled Capital One Arena to watch hype become reality. Wednesday marked the debuts of the last two number one overall picks, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, and the return of JoelContinue reading “Philly Crushin’ Already”

5 Questions: ‘17–‘18 Washington Wizards

5 Quick Questions heading into the 2017–2018 NBA Season Washington kicks off its campaign tonight at home against the Philadelphia 76ers and it is now time for a DC sports team to make the push. The Wizards had what you can call a below average off-season. The team stayed the same, minus a few bench playerContinue reading “5 Questions: ‘17–‘18 Washington Wizards”

Jae Crowder — The Best Part of the Irving Trade

After Opening Night, Jae Crowder showed glimpses as to why he could be the best piece the Cavs received in the Kyrie Irving trade The opening game lived up to expectations by having the game decided in the final minute. We all know by now and have seen the Gordon Hayward gruesome injury. Prayers up toContinue reading “Jae Crowder — The Best Part of the Irving Trade”

This Wall Isn’t Going Anywhere!

D.C. Could Have Fallen Hard, BUT NOPE! The strapped-for-cash-Wizards could have been destined to lose John Wall but now D.C. does not have to worry for 6 years I began writing this piece a few weeks after John Wall was “waiting” to sign his super max extension that the Washington Wizards offered to him. With WallContinue reading “This Wall Isn’t Going Anywhere!”

How OKC’s ‘Original’ Big-Four Could Have Changed the NBA

Durant, Westbrook, Harden, and Ibaka were destined for greatness until they weren’t The 2011–2012 Oklahoma City Thunder were ready to take on the world. After the lockout ended, the team made it to the finals after finishing 47–19, 2nd in the Western Conference behind the San Antonio Spurs. After sweeping the Dallas Mavericks, crushing the LakersContinue reading “How OKC’s ‘Original’ Big-Four Could Have Changed the NBA”

Houston, We Have Made a Questionable Move

The Rockets acquired Chris Paul from the Clippers and Harden will have to adjust The latest Woj-bomb hit earlier today when The Vertical reported that Los Angeles Clippers star, Chris Paul was being traded to the Houston Rockets. *collective gasp when the alert hit everyone’s phone and Twitter timeline* In an effort to get something fromContinue reading “Houston, We Have Made a Questionable Move”